Written conclusion

Within 48 hours from the moment of receipt of the Customer’s request for the service to be provided, filled in all its parts and a copy of a valid document attached, in case when provision of the service is possible, Studio Legale Zagami will send a confirmation with an estimate of cost of the legal advice, by e-mail, indicating the term during which Lawyer Debora Zagami would be obliged to provide the opinion. Normally within 48 hours from the moment of receiving the payment. In case of the major difficulty the time for producing the writing conclusion make take more time which is going to be indicated in the estimate. Based on the Decree of the Law 55/20144.

Sending the request filled in non-appropriate way and/or the absence of the copy of valid document, does not entail the obligation to fulfil the Lawyer’s representations under this Contract.

Sending the Request is not enough for getting the Lawyer’s conclusion by email. The absence of the payment or its advance after 30 days of the request was sent is considered as a refuse from the request of the professional opinion of the Lawyer.