Debora Zagami was born in Pavia on January 7, 1970.

She graduated in law in 1994 from the Università degli Studi di Siena, with a dissertation on Criminal Law. In the same year starts practicing like an intern by the legal firm by the lawyer Daniele Bieli in Siena practicing the criminal defense.
In 1997/1998 Debora Zagami obtained the title of “attorney at law”, with an exam at the Corte di Appello in Florence.

Since the 6th of May 1999, she has been a member of the registry of lawyers of Rome and has been practising law in the entire national territory specializing in criminal law and providing assistance to both defendants and complainants. Collaborates con Adv. Mario Francesco Giraldi in Rome from 2005, working hard on organised crime and cases, medicalresponsibilityy and financial frauds.

She is registered under the Elenco speciale dei difensori d’ufficio, (Public Defenders List) and entitled to practice law before regular and juvenile courts and may act as public defender, specializing in criminal and administrative matters, for those who cannot afford legal expenses Patrocinioa at the Italian State costs. She has collaborated with the Casa dei Diritti Sociali (House of Social Rights) in Rome, providing legal advice to refugees asking for political asylum. She has collaborated with the Avvocato di Strada project, for the protection of homeless people’s rights since 2008.

In charge of the defence at Corte di Assise during the process of “Irriducibili” – a terrorist organisation that declared their disassociation from the actual judicial system, 30 years after the first sentence for the Heads.

From 2006 she has been running an individual lawyer’s activity guaranteeing professional modern approach and respect of the lawyers traditions. She practices within the whole territory of Italy.

Together with attorney Marcello Bertucci, she is also founder and editor of the website which mission is the professional development of lawyers by means of the highly specialised congresses and seminars in criminal law.