Terms and conditions
of rendering the telematic services by Studio Legale Zagami

1) Subject of the Contract
Subject of this Contract is professional legal advice or any other type of legal service provided by Debora Zagami, a lawyer, upon request of the customer (hereinafter referred to as the Customer) by means of the website www.studiozagami.it. Legal advice may be provided in the following ways: written conclusion to be delivered to the e-mail address specified by the Customer by the time the request for the service is generated; in oral form: by a call or a videoconference call via Skype, on the predetermined date and time, as soon as full information on the conditions of provision of the chosen legal advice method has been given.

2) Conclusion of the Contract
For written opinion of the Lawyer: within 48 hours from the moment of receipt of the Customer’s request for the service to be provided, in case when provision of the service is possible, Studio Legale Zagami will send a confirmation with an estimate of cost of the legal advice, by e-mail, indicating the term during which Lawyer Debora Zagami would be obliged to provide the opinion. The estimate does not entail the obligation to fulfill the Lawyer’s representations under this Contract, and is valid within 30 days from the date of its delivery to the Customer.
To obtain an advice in oral form: within 24 hours from the moment of receiving the request for rendering the service, from the Customer, only if the service is available, Studio Legale Zagami will send an email indicating the two alternative date and time options when it will be possible to make a Skype call, along with the estimate for legal advice, the cost there of being charged at the rate payable for the call, which is divided into intervals of 15 minutes. The rate may vary from 60 to 200 euros per hour. The Customer must confirm the time and date by means of making payment.
The contract is considered concluded only as soon as Studio Legale Zagami has received confirmation of the payment made (statement of payment). Services under this contract will be rendered only on working days, according to the Italian national calendar.

3) Obligations of Studio Legale Zagami:
Lawyer Debora Zagami, with the exception of special provisions concluded in this contract, will personally perform the services within the terms established in the email confirmation. This period is only of indicative nature. Lawyer Debora Zagami undertakes to abide by the Code of Professional Ethics of Lawyers. Lawyer Debora Zagami undertakes to ensure absolute confidentiality and non-disclosure of the Customer’s personal information, which it possesses in connection with receipt of the authority in accordance with the legislation on professional ethics and confidentiality, in accordance with Decree No. 196 dated June 30, 2003 (see Confidentiality agreement)
4) Customer’s Obligations
The customer guarantees to provide true and complete information, personal data at the time of requesting the service, or after it. The customer also undertakes:
• not to use the services provided in order to obtain information for causing harm, trouble, moral damage to third parties, or violation of the law;

  • not to use the services provided in order to carry out dissemination, either in writing or otherwise, of the information of defamatory, obscene, blasphemous, racist, pornographic or other nature, contradicting to moral principles.
    • not to use the services provided, it this results in violation of the Confidentiality agreement;
    • not to use this service in order to distribute ant copyrighted material without the author’s permission;
    • not transfer the right to use the services to unauthorized third parties;
    • provide for protection of the information systems used from access of unauthorized third parties and against information viruses;
    • the Customer’s obligation is to inform about existence of the urgent deadlines, prescriptions or other important conditions.

In case of non-fulfillment of the above obligations, the Customer undertakes to release Studio Legale Zagami and other authorized persons from any kind of liability and instructions, actions, including any other tangible or intangible damage that may be incurred by the Customer or third parties.

The customer undertakes to notify Studio Legale Zagami immediately of any doubt or discontent concerning the services provided.

5) Tariffs and payment
The cost of each type of service depends on each individual case separately, and is determined by the required activities to be undertaken by the Lawyer in order to solve the problem. The cost will be calculated in the estimate before the Lawyer proceeds to giving his legal advice in writing or upon appointment for oral consultation. Information concerning the cost (including the tax payable to the Lawyers’ fund – 4% and VAT – 22% which are levied mandatorily according to the law) will be provided in advance in accordance with paragraph 2 of this contract.

Payment Methods:


Bank transfer

Beneficiary: Debora Zagami
Bank Name: Che Banca!
Account number: IT 95 H 03058 01604 100571695218

 In case when BIC must consist of 11 symbols, add at the end XXX: MICSITM3XXX
Credit cards:
MasterCard / Maestro / Visa / Visa Electron / American Express / Aura / Discover
Purpose of payment must contain the e-mail address, which will be indicated in the email containing the estimate. Commission for the transfer, if it is assumed in the payment structure of the Payer, is to be paid by the Payer in addition to the amount specified in the estimate. The only expenses assumed by Lawyer Zagami are the costs involved due to sending the written conclusion and the documentation in the attachment. Upon receipt of payment, an invoice for the services rendered is issued, upon prior agreement to receive the invoice in electronic form.
6) Warranties and liability
The Customer confirms his awareness of the fact that provision of the services by a lawyer constitutes the obligation to provide intellectual labor and tools, otherwise than achievement of a concrete result, in accordance with art. 2229 and of UG.

The services are provided within the framework of the information received from the Customer.

Studio Legale Zagami is not liable for delays, interruptions or failures caused by unforeseen circumstances such as violations, falsification, fraud or abuse admitted by the Customer or any third parties. Lawyer Zagami Office is not liable for the damages caused to the Customer or third parties as a result of improper application of the results of their legal advice.

7) Right to refuse from the service
The customer has the right to refuse from the service within 24 hours from the moment of payment, if the service has not yet been provided. Refusal of the service is effected by sending, within the specified term, of the registered letter with notification to the address: Avv. Debora Zagami 00193 Roma, Piazza Adriana n. 5. It will also be necessary, at the same time, to send a message informing of this intention, via e-mail to the address given in the estimate, provided that the refusal will be confirmed by registered mail within 72 hours.
8) Early termination of the contract
This contract is considered to be terminated ahead of term without prior written request in the event that the Customer does not fully or partially comply with his obligations specified in this Contract. Studio Legale Zagami reserves the right to recover the damages thus incurred.

9) Court and applicable law
Controversial issues arising under this Contract, with the exception of those provided by Italian law, will be resolved in the court of Rome.