The privacy policy agreement

Agreement for processing of personal data in accordance with paragraph 13 of the Decree No. 196/2003

In accordance with paragraph 13 of the Decree No. 196/2003 and amendments thereto, in respect of processing of personal data that Studio Legale Zagami will have as a result of your request for legal advice, you hereby confirm that you are aware of the following:

  1. Personal data processing is directed solely at fulfillment of the assigned professional task in full scope, either in court and out of court in the Customer’s interests.
  2. Method of data processing
    a) The data are processed by the methods included in p. 4, clause 1A of the Decree 196/2003: collection, registration, organization, consultation, processing, modification, extraction, comparison, use, consolidation, blocking, transfer, removal, destruction.
    b) Operations can be conducted either with or without the aid of electronic devices.
    c) Processing is performed by the holder of the right or by third persons who are the authorized representatives.


  1. Provision of information. Provision of any personal information must be done exclusively for the purposes specified in paragraph 1.
  2. Refusal to provide information. Refusal to provide personal data, from the part of the person concerned in the case, with the exception of paragraph 3, leads to impossibility of carrying out the actions specified in paragraph 1.


  1. Right of access to information. Personal data may be provided solely for the purposes specified in p. 1, to the employees, third parties, persons working in the court proceedings, representatives of the other party, advocates, judges, other public and private instances that may need to be provided with the data for the purposes specified in paragraph 1.
  2. Dissemination of data. Personal data cannot be disseminated.


  1. Data transfer to sources abroad. Personal data can be transferred beyond the territory of the countries of the European Union and to other countries for the purposes specified in paragraph 1.
  2. Rights of the person concerned.
    P. 7 of the Law provides for the special rights to be given to the person concerned, one of which is the right to obtain confirmation of either existence or absence of such information from the owner thereof, and requesting provision of such information in reasonable form; the person concerned is entitled to known what was the source of such information, the purpose and the way of processing the personal data, the logic of data processing, the holder’s identifying data, names of the subjects or categories of the subjects to which the data may be disclosed.

The person concerned is entitled :
a) to update, amend, and replenish the data;
b) to delete, transform into anonymous form or block the data that are processed illegally, including the data further storage of which is not necessary for the purposes for which they were collected and further processed;
c) to receive confirmation of notification about the operations listed in paragraph a) and b), as well as the notification of content thereof, for those entities to whom the data have been communicated or disseminated, except when such requirement is impossible or involves use of the devices that is evidently irrelevant to the protected right.

The person concerned is entitled to oppose, in whole or in part, processing of his/her personal data, by giving a reasonable substantiation, even if this is consistent with the purpose of the data collection;

  1. Holder of the right to process personal data.

The holder of the right to process personal data is Studio Zagami, with its representative office at 00193, Rome, Adriana Square, No. 5, represented by Lawyer Debora Zagami.