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Studio Legale Zagami is a solo law firm set up at 2006 that handles all areas of criminal law and provides both in-court and out-of court support nationwide. The criminal lawyer Debora Zagami provides extensive and specific experience in the legal assistance of both defendants and complainants in criminal trials before Ordinary, Military and Juvenile Courts.
Studio Zagami is committed to staying abreast of the latest developments and changes in the law through an ongoing legal education ensuring high quality and effectiveness of the services provided. The strongest advantage worthy of pride is in providing each client with the personalized attention and the representation they need offering extreme transparency and confidentiality.
Actually Adv. Zagami challenges the modernity by means of the website Studiozagami.it projected on the Platform 2.0 providing law consulting services with modern web application frameworks and communication technologies.

No one who needs law assistance and doesn’t want to abandon the personal and direct contact with his entrusted lawyer will stay without just because he has no possibility to come personally. It is especially important when a trouble happens when are in transfer, away from your everyday places. Especially, in case when we stay abroad and find different legislation and juridical traditions, we refuse voluntarily the defense of out rights.
You can reach Studio Zagami from any point of the world that has an internet access and get professional legal help staying distant .
In the section ON-LINE you can choose the most appropriate way to get the assistance. A written conclusion by email, A call by SKYPE, conference call SKYPE or a videoconference call SKYPE with an italian sign language interpreter. Russian and english speaking interpreters are also provided by request.
The lawyers are very welcome to contact Studiozagami.it. There is a special -section “Partnership” with services offered.